Friday, May 14, 2010

Project 1

After stumbling upon BurdaStyle I realised that there were so many patterns that I could start out on that, funnily enough, only required me to sew in a straight line. Being the fearless sewer that I am I downloaded some free patterns and even splurged on a $1 Lydia Top which I shall be showing you today. It's an instant download pattern so it means you can purchase it on your credit card, download it and print it through your printer in a matter of minutes.

The thing that I liked most about this site, apart from all the cheap (and free!) patterns, was the fact that you could create your own account. Within this account you can upload each of your sewing projects for other users to see and comment on. Ultimately it means people that are much better sewers than I could post their interpretations of patterns or things they had simply made by looking at fabric. Very inspiring.

So let's talk about this Lydia Top. I printed off all the A4 sheets of paper and cut up the various shapes to make the top, sticky taping together any bits that crossed multiple sheets of paper. Not knowing what the word "baste" meant or how to do it I simply pinned the different sections up and tried them on. This meant I could adjust the sides to fit properly. It also meant I could take a couple of centimetres off the neckline to create a round neck which sat better.

The sewing itself was fine until I got to the armholes. It was a nightmare! I ended up with one puffy looking sleeve and one almost smoothly sewn sleeve. Although it's not too noticable and I wear it anyway. Also I thought it looked a bit bare after putting it on so I handsewed a scrap of fabric on as a bow.

The fabric is a light blue striped Jersey that I got for $3 at a fabric store in Cabramatta. Score!

Stay tuned for another project made by a girl who can certifiably sew in straight lines.

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