Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Project 3 & 4

No your eyes did not deceive you. Project 3 & 4 are proudly brought to you in one awesome blog post. Get ready for it.

So yes, as you can see I have managed to create yet more offsprings from the Lydia Top that I seem oh so fond of. However this time I tried to get a little fancy and add some basic detailing to them. Project 3 consisted of black knit/jersey with the interfaced neckline. I decided to pretty it up with some plaited scraps that I hand sewed around the neckline and then I added a bow. Awww.

So here's a photo of what the detailing looked like when I was playing around with it.

And this is what the neckline looked like after attaching it all.

And now for Project 4...
I really wanted to make a grandpa style top but lack the ability to do all that fiddly button and edging stuff so I decided to cheat (shhh). Here I'll put up a picture of the finished product and talk you through it.

First I cut out my fabric as normal, pinned it together and tried it on. While it was on I got a bit of chalk and marked on my fabric how far down I wanted the top section with buttons to reach down. Then I figured out how wide I wanted it to be. Basically from that marking I think it worked out to be something like 3 centimetres wide by 24 centimetres long. So I cut a piece of fabric 6 centimetres wide and 27 centimetres long. I turned the right side of the fabric face down on the table and folded the side edges in until they met in the middle and lightly ironed the strip of fabric. Then I folded the bottom of the strip of fabric up the extra 3 centimetres at the bottom and lightly ironed it again.

I pinned it to the top and sewed around the edges giving myself a tiny 1-2 millimetre space around the edge. On the bottom section, as you can see, I also sewed a cross to keep it all in place (and I think it looks snazzier). Then I marked out where the buttons would go and hand-sewed them on. All I had to do from there was sew it up as normal and voila I had me a pretend Grandpa style top. Love it.

So I've found a really cute detail that I want to try out on my next (Lydia) top so stay tuned for the next exciting installment of the girl who can certifiably sew in straight lines seemingly on only one pattern (although that will change when my sewing skills reach a new level of awesome!)

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