Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sew Obsessed!

Turns out this sewing thing is really addictive. Just inthe past couple of days I’ve shopped for fabric andbuttonsonline, I’ve trawled through $2 storeslooking for beads, trims and sewing gadgets. I’ve been op-shopping looking for fabric offcuts and clothes to refashion and tomorrow I plan to go toddling through the fabric stores of Cabramatta (again!) to see if they have any new fabrics since I started sewing.

But of all the obsessive things I’ve found myself doing this past week, yesterday’s would have to be the most fruitful.
One word.

Previous to yesterday it was a book store I got taken to by my boyfriend who geeks it up in the anime and comics section. I mean sure I love bookstores. I’ve spent countless hours browsing, thumbing through books, creating armfuls of treasured reads that now adorn my bookshelves but never before had I discovered a whole new section of bliss. There I was wandering through the aisles hoping to stumble upon a book or two in the craft section or something when my boyfriend called me over to a section hidden behind a display.

The sewing section.

So there I was confronted with row upon glorious row of sewing books and it was I who was geeking out. My boyfriend took one look at my face and found himself a seat. The very first display alone held 2 of the 3 books I had read countless reviews on. I ummed and ahhed, I picked books up, I put books down, I picked them back up again, I swapped them around, I changed my mind. I was overwhelmed by the shear happiness of finding an entire section devoted, not to sewing, but to me. Yes. That’s exactly what this section was about. Me.

In the end I narrowed it down to the following:

Plus I just bought this online:

Buzzing from this new experience we exited the sewing section via the Japanese book section. Which just so happened to contain row upon row of Japanese sewing books with paper patterns in them ready for you to sew! Heart. Beat. Rising.

Now I understand that I don’t speak a word of Japanese. I understand that it would require vast feats of interpretation to make these inspirational garments despite the numbered pattern pieces. So why can’t I stop thinking about these Japanese pattern books?


Another day.

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