Monday, July 12, 2010

Blue Batwing Beauty

Yes folks the batwing top has made it into my repertoire. I found a free pattern on BurdaStyle by pixelink (again, Thanks!). It looked super comfy online and believe me it's even better on.

The top was really quick and easy to make (why didn't I start with this one?). I chose not to finish the neckline and hem because I was working with Jersey and I like the raw edge.

It shall now become a staple of my ever expanding wardrobe. Pin It


  1. This looks great! And you're right, it does look super comfortable. :) Would you happen to still have the pattern file saved (or a link to it)? Because I can't find it anywhere. :(

    1. Wow I didn't realise that the pattern had been taken off Burdastyle!
      I printed my copy off and still have it somewhere but alas no link or pattern file.
      Have you checked out Grainline's Hemlock Tee? It's similar-ish and it's free.
      Check it out: