Friday, July 30, 2010

Melbourne, you are awesome.

The sounds of trams sliding along their tracks with their bells ringing at every intersection, the gorgeous old buildings, the shopping, the chocolate cafes, the markets, the fashion, the fabric stores.  If it weren't for the abominable weather I would marry you and live happily ever after.

Alas, you are cold, and so I have returned to Sydney.

Indeed I did spend a week there. I fell over a bead store which was closing down and selling everything for one dollar. I visited Rathdowne Fabrics where they film Project Runway. I walked past the Whitehouse School of Design, again, where they film Project Runway. I visited each and every fabric store in Brunswick. I discovered the tiniest trimmings section in the world in the Chapel Street Bazaar which just happened to fit more trims and lace than logic could allow (heart attack much?). In fact I built me a nice little stash of stuff to squish in my bag for the return trip.

And, most importantly, I spent an entire 8 days away from my sewing machine since falling in like with it in April.

Time to sew!!

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