Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My heart for 2 Dollars.

Yesterday I went on another sewing excursion. This time to a suburb called Fairfield. While wandering around hopelessly lost looking for a fabric store I found online I managed to stumble upon another fabric store which just happened to not be the one I was looking for. Happenstance I say. I shall peruse.

Inside not only was there a lovely man ready to tell me about every fabric I touched but there was an entire box full of patterns - all for 2 DOLLARS. I couldn't get my hands on them quick enough. I pored over each and every one of them and ended up deciding on 4. Three for me and one so that I can make pretty things for my nieces (why should I have all the fun?).

Subsequently I walked around the corner and fell upon the shop I was actually looking for. It also had a shopkeeper ready to help you with any fabric, trim or button but alas no patterns for 2 Dollars.

Further to this discussion every single fabric I picked out from both stores just happened to be $4 a metre and I even got a mixture between Jersey and some slinky stuff I don't know the name of.

Fairfield I heart you.

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