Friday, July 16, 2010

Pencil Skirt refashioned into a Bag

What happens when you attempt to make a bag with only one piece of material? Creativity happens, that's what.

I bought this green and brown fabric with the intentions of making over an old bag of mine. I got home to realise that one piece of fabric was not going to give me the body, the yoke, the straps and the lining so it was time to improvise...with a pencil skirt.

Time to transform this ↓                                                                      into this 

First I drafted a pattern of each of the pieces from the original bag and cut out the fabric that I needed. I unpicked the waistband of the skirt, unpicked the lining from the original bag and got to work pinning things together to see if they were going to fit.

I realised that two very thin pieces of cotton were going to make for a flimsy bag so I added in a layer of thick white fabric I had in my stash. I'm not sure what it is exactly but it's as thick and strong as canvas. I sewed the outside fabric and the extra layer together and turned them right way out to pin some pleats into the top of the bag.

I pinned my lining inside the bag and sewed around the top edge to cover the lining and the pleats. Then I positioned the waistband around the top of the bag and hand-sewed it on (because I was dealing with 4 layers of fabric by this point and didn't want to fight it out with my sewing machine). My mum had some make it yourself fabric buttons handy so I used them and sewed them onto the waistband (I'm not sure why my photo is being stubborn and lying on the side like that. I told it not to but it wouldn't listen.)

Time for the straps. I pinned these on and sewed them onto the top of the waistband. I sewed four lines across this part because I was paranoid it would come undone.

And that was it! I had a pencil skirt bag (and a pattern to make more!) Hurrah!
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  1. That's an awesome bag! Great stuff!

  2. Thanks it now follows me everywhere!

  3. This is awesome refashion!!!!
    I don't think u r beginner/intermediate at all! you are definitely intermediate, u have made so many things!!