Saturday, October 30, 2010

Totally Do-able. Maybe.

Next week I have an entire week off! Not a week off where I have to work nights, not a week off where I still have to leave the house to go do stuff that invariably comes up last minute. I mean an Entire Week Off. Yes. That deserves a healthy dose of capitals. So excited is this seamstress that she has (not only starting referring to herself in the third person but) prepared many an idea for a full week of sewing.
But here’s the thing. I’m gona keep it real here. I tend to get so excited about what I want to sew and all the things I plan to sew that sometimes I spend so much time thinking about it and planning it that I never actually sew or finish anything. Nonsensical.
Much like creating a sewing blog has actually pressured me into sewing on a regular basis I decided to use this blog to pressure me into following through on some of these ideas.
I shall post some pictures of things I desperately want to make that fall within my current abilities. I shall shop for fabric that suits them and then I shall have myself some lovely new pieces by next weekend (fingers crossed!). Totally do-able.

Totally Do-able. Maybe?

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