Monday, November 15, 2010

Blue Ruffle Dress

Look what I made!
I seem to be smitten with this colour - so why not make a summer dress with it! I followed a similar process as the Purple Jersey Dress I made although this time I knew I wanted the ruffle to act as the strap across the shoulder as well which changed the neckline a little. Once I had that worked out though it was easy enough to sew up the sides, make a long continuous ruffle and play with the length until it sat right on the shoulders and voila!

This project also marks my first time using elastic. I got really brave and marked out where I wanted the elastic to be. I measured up the length and cut a strip about 3 centimetres wide that I sewed all the way around the interior (after edging it with my trusty pinking shears) then sewed it in. Getting the elastic in was fiddly because there was one section that was mysteriously much thinner than the rest of the fabric and meant it was the exact width of the elastic. It didn't want to let me feed it through but in the ensuing struggle I managed to win (hurrah!) and now the dress and I are at peace (double hurrah!). 

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  1. Well done with the elastic, the whole dress turned out great & I'd buy it if I saw it in a shop. Really impressed with how you're going.

  2. I love this dress and love your blog!

  3. Thanks! I do spend a lot of time in my little corner of the internet. I enjoyed your blog too. I couldn't find a way to follow you but I'm sure I'll pop in every now and then for some inspiration. Happy blogging!