Saturday, November 20, 2010

Copycat Singlet Top

Made by me
The original

I have this blue singlet top (on the right) that I love. I decided that seeing as I've made a whole one piece of clothing in cotton I'd totally be able to make this right? Furthermore I've also worked with elastic a whole one time in my life so doing that should be easy too right?

The short answer is yes I can do both of the above if I work on said singlet top over 4 days and put it aside every time I find myself wanting to stab the fabric with my unpicker.

Fortunately there is a happily ever after in this story.

I started by tracing the basic shape onto the fabric (I literally lay it out on the fabric I'm going to use and draw it straight on with chalk then cut on the chalked line - very professional of me I know but it works everytime!). Then I made the fake placket, sewed it on and hand sewed the buttons on. The ruffles, funnily enough, were actually the hardest part of the whole top because I don't have a serger so I couldn't just finish off the edges all nice and pretty that way. Instead I fiddled with scraps for aaaaaages until I found just the right zig zag setting to finish my edges which ended up working a treat once I'd found it. Then I sewed the ruffles on, sewed up the sides of the singlet top and set out to make myself some (non)bias tape from the same fabric. I say (non) bias simply because after inspecting the original top they had edged it with fabric that followed the grainline instead of going diagonally because the curve was so gradual it wasn't going to need much give (score!). I had some of the adjustable thingies for singlet top straps (technical term) that I had cut off tops I've just thrown out in The Big Wardrobe Purge of 2010. These were much less scary to work with than I thought. Not scary at all actually. Easy peasy. So once I'd edged the front of the top I folded over the top of the back piece about 1.5 centimetres (which I had made room for before cutting - I had a clever moment!) and stitched along to make the casing for the elastic. I fed the elastic through and sewed it in before hemming the top. The last step was to mark out where I wanted to elastic round the middle to go, cut a strip of fabric that long and sew it in before feeding the elastic through and voila!

One Copycat singlet top which I like a little bit more than the original now!

I even got fancy and put the straps in a V

This fabric really is purple, I promise.

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  1. Excellent work - and all by yourself!!! I like your version much more than the original!