Friday, November 26, 2010

Easy Breezy Cotton Top - With buttons!

I set out to make a simple cotton top with this white fabric. I was a little bit excited by the fact that taking a square piece of fabric could give you these cute little "sleeves". It was really simple to cut and put together the only thing that may have been difficult would be the placket. But being the cheater that I am I decided to make pretend button holes by doing a zig zag stitch in a straight line beneath where the button would sit. And hey it's not like I'm likely to unbutton it when I can pull it straight over my head right?

As it turns out I think it may well be very similar to the Port Elizabeth Top on BurdaStyle.

Oooh and I got to use buttons from my stash! That's 10 down 390 to go!

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