Friday, November 5, 2010

My Secret Weapon

Yesterday was a sad sewing day.

Don't get me wrong, I sewed all day. I played with fabrics I love. I started a new pattern. I revisited a pattern I had already used. I learnt to topstitch confidently. I had music on all day. And despite the rain outside, life was good. But then disaster struck.


Yes, Tension. It was wrong. I was sewing up another Wasp Bag and I had made almost the whole bag without a hitch. The topstitching wasn't quite as scary as I thought and the fabric was lovely. Unbeknownst to me though my bag was being savagely eaten by mounds of thread. Gasp!

Oh the horror!
Poor unsuspecting victim

I was disheartened to say the least.

I almost stopped sewing for the day. But then I thought No! It shall not go on like this. I shall stop sewing this particular nightmare of a project and attempt something else. That'll do the trick!

And then disaster struck.


This time I was sewing a Mini Tiered Dress from BurdaStyle with this gorgeous fabric - not even sure what it is - some sort of cotton silk or something? I had managed to make the entire top section and sew it all together. I had sewn together the top tier. I had ruffled it along the edge. I had pinned it in place. I had sewn it together only to realise.


I had sewn the right side of one piece to the wrong side of the other piece.


It's times likes these I'm glad I have a secret weapon.

Shhhhhh don't tell anyone!


  1. hello! I just wanted to tell you that I also made the mini tiered dress.. and it looks like from here that you forgot to add seam allowances to the pattern. The pattern does not come with them inclued (pain in the you know what..) It still looks cute though! I actually like the straps a bit thinner ;-)

  2. Correct! I did forget to put in the seam allowances. This is still sitting in my 'to fix up later when I have nothing else to sew' pile. Not sure when, if ever, that might be.