Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pirate Themed Hen's Night Arrrrr!

Yesterday I had a Pirate Themed Hen's Night for a friend. I had planned to go op-shopping and get a bunch of things I could refashion into pirate clothes but ended up having to work during the day. So I had a mad rush in my local mall trying to find pirate appropriate clothes in regular shops and this is what I came up with.

The pants I found were absolutely massive as you can see below. I chopped them off and sewed some elastic into them and because I was running madly late I didn't hem them I just finished them with pinking shears and pulled at the edges to have a few threads hanging down. That's piratey right? (Aye 'tis me hearty!)

Pants done! Now time to make a pirate hat! I went into every possible store to find a pirate hat and couldn't even find one. So I ended up opting for a black sun hat that I sewed into a pirate hat.

As you can see from the pictures I hand sewed each side of the brim up and then added some embellishments to one side of the hat to make it a little girly. You also may notice the awesome use of sewing pins to keep it all in place. You might think that I would have done some really super quick stitching to keep it on. But no. I was running so late that this is exactly how this hat got worn out of the house.

And how could any pirate outfit be finished with your very own Telescope necklace??
I bought this gorgeous necklace off Etsy from here. You probably can't see it so well in the above photo but here it is below. I can tell you now it featured in many a photo throughout the night gazing at the Opera House, Harbour Bridge as well as various mad moments on the dance floor.

And there you have it one pirate outfit for one crazy fun night out for a friend.


  1. Brilliant! I couldn't have done better if I had had weeks to plan and sew - love it all!

  2. Thanks for the kind words. It was actually kind of fun!
    Also I wasn't sure about putting my head on my blog, but posting pics of hats is a little tricky without getting your face involved. I'm easing myself into it.