Monday, October 10, 2011

Polkadots & Pleats Bag

Say hello to the Polkadots & Pleats Bag!

I loved this polkadot fabric and wanted to make an everyday bag out of it. I totally stole the yoke shape from this bag on Burdastyle by member 50footqueenie. And I wanted to make the pleats accent the yoke which is why they sit beneath the straps.

I spent quite an afternoon making this bag. I planned out the shape of the bag and drafted a pattern for it before cutting out the pieces, sewing some of them together to realise I'd missed steps, unpicked them, sewed them together in the right order, adjusted some dodgy parts of my pattern drafting and ta da!

Now I can say with all honestly that this is the best sewing I've managed to achieve on a sewing project so far and I'm really proud of the outside of the bag. The inside of the bag, however, betrays that I'm still a novice as I've got the seam allowance of the bag and yoke simply finished off with the pinking shears and visible when you open the bag. This does not bother me one bit in the slightest and reminds me each time I open it what I went through to create it and I wouldn't change it one bit. But I wanted to put that in because I feel like each thing I sew has so much more character because of the imperfections.

Ooh and did I mention I made a phone pocket inside the bag? Yep. I totally did.

This bag shall now be toted around with me everywhere. Watch out world!

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  1. really lovely bag! thanx for stopping by my blog and following, I love new readers :D

  2. That black one is made with only single material and because of it looks very simple and totally stylish. The belt of bag is very beautiful and too much attractive.

  3. It's beautiful! So worth all your work!