Thursday, November 17, 2011

Clutch at my heart

Look! I made a clutch!

Last night I sat down with a thought in my head. Yes. On occasion this does happen. I wished to take some fabric and shape it into a clutch that had some interesting lines on it.

I drew a bunch of designs and ended up settling on this idea as it seemed easy enough to execute as well as interesting enough to be a clutch I would actually use.

I drew up a pattern and made the shape of the body pretty quickly which gave me time to play around with the top foldover part.

I ended up cutting out a bunch of long triangles and putting some fray stopper down the edges of them and sewing them on in a geometric symmetric pattern on the top. It looks a little bit rough when you look up close but I'm ok with that for a first clutch.

Then I sewed that onto the body and voila! I had me a clutch.

I'm still deciding on a closing mechanism. I might grab a magnetic closure seeing as it doesn't have a zipper and needs to stay together quite well. I also should have thought about this before sewing it all together. No matter. I'll make it work.

p.s. sorry about the dodgy pictures I didn't have a lot of daylight to work with.


  1. Just love the pleated and decorated flap. Actually, on reflection, the whole clutch is just fab! Congratulations.

  2. Thanks! It's already made an appearance at a wedding so far. Let's see where else it might find itself out on town.