Monday, November 28, 2011

Purple Summer Dress

Some things have changed since the last time we spoke.

Firstly I sewed a dress from a pattern. Secondly I actually made a muslin of it before starting. And thirdly I actually sewed something that required a zipper.

These may seem small and insignificant to others who strive to be amazing seamstresses and in the process do not realise how awesome they actually are at their craft that things such as this need not be mentioned. But not here!

So let's start with the details. It's made from a free pattern on Burdastyle and it is all the more awesome because of it. It's the Contour Bust Dress made by member Miasu. I made it with lightweight quilting cotton that I bought on special when Spotlight in Liverpool closed. Score!

I'm so glad I actually made the muslin. It's clearly made for a girl with an average to larger sized bust and, well, let's be honest, that just doesn't doesn't describe what I've got. So I ended up playing around with the pattern pieces to make sure it would fit before cutting it out of the regular fabric. And as you may notice from the above photo the only way I could get it to sit right (after lopping off a bunch of fabric round the neckline) was to put a tiny dart down the middle of the top piece.

So you wanna see some dodgy photos I took of it in my lounge room and bedroom just now?

Really? Ok.

I'm quite stoked with how it turned out in the end. I think if I make it again I'll raise the back a little higher and pull it in a centimetre or two around the bodice but apart from that it's ready to wear.


  1. Great job! It'a super cute dress and I love the print!

  2. I have to agree with Paunnet! Gorgeous dress and it's very flattering on you!