Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Top with 3 Collars

Behold the Top of 3 Collars. I made it from a really flimsy poplin but I fell in love with the colour and so the love affair began.

It's made from a free pattern I found on this great sewing blog. Seriously you should take the time to check it out. This wonderful seamstress is creating her own patterns from scratch and then posting them on her blog. I can't think of a more awesome gift through a sewing patterns!

So the idea for the 3 collars is not some amazing idea that appeared in my head. It was stolen. Only I now don't remember where from. The below pic, I believe, is from Burdastyle, at some point in time since last April (which is when I joined the site). But I've had a look through their blog (and I mean I went through pages and pages of posts) but I couldn't find the pic again. So maybe I picked it off the internet somewhere else. Anyway, point of the story, the idea is not mine. If you happen to know whose pictures I've stolen and replicated through this top feel free to link me up so I can credit them!

Drafting the collar shape

I seem to have had a little trouble with the bias binding on the armholes as it doesn't sit quite right but I think it's just because it's such a thin and flimsy fabric to start with. Never mind I shall still wear it!


  1. Love this idea! I may steal/ borrow it too, I hope you find where the inspiration came from, because it's such a great feature.
    PS don't you just love being able to borrow sewing ideas? I've become known to stare intensely at people's clothing (from near with permission from those I know and from afar to strangers); the sources are endless!

  2. The color is great and the three little collars are really cool!

  3. OOOH, I love this! I had seen a similar collar on a dress from Dahlia and intended on copying sooner or later.
    And I agree with Juliet, I now get inspired by everyone's clothes, it's amazing how much attention to detail I pay now that I sew.

  4. I am so happy that you were able to use my pattern and make such a great top. I noticed you posted it on the Burdastyle website as well. I have the pattern posted there too ( Would you mind linking your project to my pattern there as well? Thanks!!!

  5. Thanks everyone! Juliet and Paunnet I totally agree. I work in a theatre so I'm constantly peoplewatching as the foyer fills with people wearing their best clothes - best part of the job!
    Nina I didn't realise you'd posted that pattern on Burdastyle! How many amazing patterns have I missed on there because there's so much content? I've just gone back and added the link so that people can use it to copy my already copied top. Hooray!

  6. Thanks! The patterns I have up there on Burdastyle are just a variation of the two I have on my website. But I am working on more.

  7. Well done on having this selected as one of Burdastyle's top makes of December!

  8. Oh wow this is amazing I love your style. Just popped over from mine to yours, so to speak and I am adding you to my feed straight away. You're sewing is very inspiring!

    1. Thanks! I fell in love with your blog while I was there I just couldn't see a way to follow apart from email but I'm sure I'll be back!