Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I got this incredible book for Christmas that has some beautiful geometric fabric folding patterns in it. Shadowfolds is it's name and it's just amazing. It has these gorgeous pictures throughout followed by the patterns and instructions on how to fold and stitch fabric to make them.

Being an absolute beginner to this I obviously started with one that was one of the most difficult in the book but as you can see above it turned out really well!

My journey below, dear reader, is where the blogger in me really comes out. The first one was done in such haste (because I just wanted to get shadowfolding already!) that I didn't take any photos throughout. Of course this meant it turned out well. Whereas the second attempt, as you will see, was not so very amazing, but I have lots of pictures of it!

Marking out the fabric
Following the instructions
Hmmmmmm sort of, but not quite.

So there you have it my first attempt at this wonderful new-to-me craft. I have great ambitions firstly to be able to follow the instructions correctly. And secondly to execute this perfectly on some soft leather to make a to-die-for clutch. Not sure how that ambition will turn out but a girl can dream right?


  1. How cool! Looking forward to see more!

  2. These look fab! Can't wait to see that clutch!
    Well done for trying out the techniques. I received a similar book last Christmas but haven't tried anything yet, maybe after seeing your I'll give it a go!

  3. Thanks! Ooh what book Sarah? This is just the first book of two that I got for Christmas that I'm starting to work through now. The other one is going to require a LOT more patience.

  4. Wo.. I got this book too but was too scared/ confused to try it out. This is a good reminder to get onto that! Thanks for sharing.