Sunday, April 1, 2012

365 : 2012 : 13

My week in pictures:
- I finished a book about Parramatta Girls Home which changed the way I view Parramatta - deeply moving.
- Boyfriend brought me a chocolate bunny home from work - did I mention Boyfriend works in a chocolate factory?
- This whole week proudly brought to you by Codral. I attempted to get through the working week drugged to the eyeballs with cold and flu tablets. It became apparent to me when I tried to exit the ticket turnstiles at the station with my ATM card the drugs were probably doing me more harm than good.
- My new prescription glasses - I shall be bespectacled henceforth.
- My blazer pattern arrived in the mail - hurrah! A pic of me drawing out the pattern pieces for cutting.
- Earth Hour - Boyfriend and I turned out all the electricity in our apartment, sat at the candlelit dining table with cheese, crackers a bottle of red and had an epic night of scrabble!
- A butterfly perched peacefully whilst I was out for a walk.

So just a heads up. I'm making a blazer. It's going to be epic. You may not hear from me until it's done and by god is this blazer going to get done!

See you on the other side! (of having made the blazer, not anything ominous).


  1. Ooh a blazer I'm intrigued! What pattern did you get?

    1. I got Simplicity 2446 and the blazer will (hopefully) be a Zara knockoff that got worn on New Girl - fingers crossed!