Monday, April 23, 2012

365 : 2012 : 16

My week in pictures:

- Smocking with faux leather - FYI - you should probably never try this - it doesn't really work
- So much water falling from the heavens that the river spilled over
- So much water falling from the heavens that it started raining inside at work
- After an epic, epic day at work a trip out to the coffee factory for Boyfriend. Look at that machine that he uses every day. Awesome.
- Room with a view - with mould setting in we opened up the giant window at work - happy courtyard gazing, breeze-filled, sunshiney day (interspersed with hayfever and the growing smell of mould)
- Freshly washed polka dot cotton - and a muslin that defeated me. In other news I've now enrolled in sewing classes. Hurrah!
- Family fest day that ended in cake - did you see the lovely candle mum bought dad? Nice.

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