Sunday, April 29, 2012

365 : 2012 : 17

My week in pictures:
- Typewriter shot
- The "I'm nearly finished shot" of the Polka Dot Blouse with a Bow
- The finished top worn out on ANZAC Day
- Our glasses - every night while we sleep our glasses hang out together
- Mint cotton silk for my next project
- A photoshoot at sunrise this morning at Tamarama Beach and a walk to Bondi for breakfast.

In other news Boyfriend is starting a shiny new blog of his own to fuel his obsession passion for photography (more on that later!). This is the only reason I would be up at 5am on a Sunday. He's editing some photos as I write so I'm sure they'll be ready for me to show you soon. p.s. they may involve hula hoops!

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