Sunday, May 13, 2012

365 : 2012 : 19

My week in pictures:

- The river gets drained - I've never seen it that low!
- I got a new keyboard at work - wish real life had Wake Up and Sleep buttons.
- My first sewing lesson ever!
- Toblerone snuck into my diet - oops
- Living with a coffee roaster you find coffee beans in the strangest of on a PS3 controller.
- I went shopping to buy fabric and notions for one thing and walked out with way too much fabric. On the plus side I found some great patterns for $1 each!
- Fireman Nephew to the rescue!

Highlight of the week was my very first sewing lesson. No-one else in the class has ever sewn before and only one person owns a sewing machine. I was hoping to have some people in the class that had sewn before but wanted some lessons in the basics but I think it will still be beneficial. The whole set up of the class is for us to buy a pattern and fabric and work on making a skirt by the end of term. I already learnt some things in my first class so it looks promising. Plus I've never actually made a proper skirt before so it'll be good for me.

Also I'm about to buy a new sewing machine! I'll update you once it's actually mine.

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  1. Oooh new sewing machine! I just got an overlocker and am giddy with excitement over it. As for the coffee beans - my boyfriend used to do that when we lived in Wellington, coffee beans in odd places, yes, but I loved that he smelled like coffee after roasting!