Sunday, May 20, 2012

365 : 2012 : 20

My week in pictures:

- A chocolatey afternoon break
- Sewing lesson number 2 - pattern is cut out and ready to sew next week!
- Judging a competition through work
- We went househunting and found a property we love and that picture of the bush right there would be our future backyard.
- I got my shiny new sewing machine!
- Testing the stitches on the machine - getting to know it ever so slowly
- An afternoon on Pinterest with Boyfriend dreaming of all the things we could do with this property if we got it.

So as you can probably see I picked myself up a Singer 6180 and it's already much, much better than my previous machine. It's quite different though so I'm taking the time to watch the instructional DVD and read through the manual step by step so I know how to talk to it. The tension isn't quite perfect but it's nearly there. Once I sew up some things on scrap fabric I'll feel a bit more confident to get some winter sewing done with it. Baby steps.

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