Sunday, June 10, 2012

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3 weeks week in pictures:

- Monday - sunny lunch break
- Tuesday - autumn leaves
- Wednesday - signing mortgage paperwork for a house we fell in love with
- Thursday - long bath - we got gazumped and had to walk away from the house
- Friday - got caught in a historic fire brigade procession
- Saturday - date night! we treated ourselves to see Dark Shadows in Gold Class and had a nice dinner
- Sunday - my niece turned the big 4

2 weeks week in pictures:

- In love with my overcasting foot that came with my machine
- Playing with jersey fabric
- Playing with knit fabric
- Folding napkins at work for a function
- Handsewing buttons on Boyfriend's shirt for a night out in the city
- A pot of peppermint tea
- Attempting a black peplum top from the Burdastyle Book Dress Pattern

This week in pictures:

- Beautiful flowers at work (hayfever!)
- I asked Boyfriend to buy chocolate he came back with a tub of m&m's - he's a keeper.
- Progress on the Plum Wool Skirt
- Stylin in my polka dot pj's - it's so cold!
- Pizza night!
- A walk in the sunshine and fresh air surrounded by the remnants of Autumn
- Made a foldover clutch today! I'll put it up on the blog soon.

Phew! Got a bit behind there, I'll try and keep this as a weekly thing again. Saves me scratching my head wondering what I did the other day?

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