Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Black Work Skirt - Simplicity 2451

I loved this pattern when making my Plum Wool Skirt so I made another in black. This will get a lot of wear at work!

The zipper's not wonky even though it looks wonky here.

I'm not exactly sure what the fabric is. It feels cotton based but it's quite heavy like a blanket? I chose it to make a warmer skirt anyway so I like that it's heavy and warm.

Pattern: $1
Fabric: $10
Zipper: $2
Total: $13

This is a great little basic skirt pattern that's really easy to follow. The second time around with it I think I had it done in about 2 hours!

And since I made my Plum Wool Skirt from the same pattern but I didn't get a decent shot with it on I've put one below.


  1. Awesome little skirts! Isn't it satisfying to find one that just works for you?

  2. I live this pattern. Great skirt and LOVE the zipper

  3. I really like the cut of this pattern- it looks fabulous on! Well done! I am totes going to be making one of these bad boys!!!!

  4. Lovely skirt, especially the plum one! This pattern is so great, it's so easy but makes a wonderful skirt :)