Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mint Herringbone Dress - Simplicity 2444

So it's a little windy in Sydney right now. You may not be able to tell from this photo but I was leaning into that wind just to stand up.

So here it is - my take on Simplicity 2444. I adore this pattern. I've seen so many other people make really flattering dresses from it like this one here and here to name just two. I read a lot of reviews on it before I started because I wanted to get it just right. I took some advice on cutting the front piece on the fold to eliminate a seam line down the front. Really glad I read that before I started.

The muslin was really easy to sew up. In fact this dress is really simple to construct on a whole which was why it was so unfortunate I had so many fit issues with the bodice. I tried it on and found that I had to cut 1.5 centimetres off the top of each side to raise the bodice which meant I had to reshape the neckline. Then I realised I had to deepen the armscye which in turn meant I had to redraft the sleeve. Ugh! Enough with the redrafting already!

I have a feeling all of this could have been helped if I knew where to even begin with a SBA on a bodice that had 4 darts crossing the bust (!). I think it really was just an excess of fabric that I was battling with.

I'm really happy with the fit in the end and the final result is certainly worth the effort but I'm a little scarred.

Despite all the fussing about with this bodice I do love these long darts and how they bring the shape in towards the waist. The pleating which meets up with it is also really pretty. I had a little moment where the fabric didn't want to behave under the needle when sewing the zipper which is why you can see the gape below. Although for that to be the only noticable thing at the end of the battle with this dress is quite miraculous. So I'm letting it go.

I'm not sure that I love the pleating in the back. It looks nice in this photo but the pleats very rarely behave when you're moving around. I'd like to try a version with no pleats in the back so it doesn't drive me crazy.

Oh and did I mention I love me a dress with pockets? Because I do. I love them.

I love this fabric that I used and it was the perfect weight to be light enough for summer but heavy enough to hold the pleats well. It's called Modern Meadow Herringbone Pond by Joel Dewberry and I bought it in a big order from - the direct link is here.

Overall I'm really glad I tried this pattern. I'm not sure that I'll be making it again anytime soon and if I can find a pattern with a similar silhouette with a bodice that behaves I'll surely be using that instead. But, never say never.

It turned out well and I adore it.


  1. Cute as!!!! The photos look awesome with the wind. Great job! Woo!! xx

  2. adorable! are you chanelling Natalie Wood? fabulous!

  3. Cool photos! And I love that your first dress under your new look blog matches your logo/banner.
    I love this pattern and if I ever stop making Cambies I might make it again.

  4. Isew2 - Proud, proud, proud Aunty R! Also grandma up in heaven.

  5. Love the dress and love the fabric. The dress style has a real vintage feel but your fabric choice gives it a modern twist. Awesome job!

  6. I love the patterns the herringbone makes on the bodice, so lovely! I havr this pattern myself, I'll have to remember to muslin first when I get around to making it!

  7. Love this to death. Great photos and heavenly fabric. So jealous of your beautiful darts and pleats.

  8. This dress is gorgeous! The style works so well with that delightful printed fabric.
    I know how you feel about all the fitting. When I am dealing a pattern that requires lot of alterations, it does leave me wanting to make something a little quicker, but in this case I have to agree, the trouble was COMPLETLEY worth it! :)

  9. This dress is so amazing! I love this and your blog :)

    Angela @ the lovely cup