Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Pillowcase to Summer Top

Sometimes you find yourself in a discount store which sells two pillowcases for $2. A thought wanders through your mind - could I turn that into something? It's great fabric it'd be a waste not to try for $2. Clearly this was the conversation happening in my head. I'm not the only one that has an inner fabric bully right?

I brought them home, rifled through my pattern stash and decided the amount of fabric I had in two pillowcases would be perfect to use for this free pattern I'm still raving on about.

For those that follow me on Instagram or Twitter you may have seen the above photos during the process. It was pretty simple really:

1. Unpick the seams of 1 pillowcase
2. Iron the fabric
3. Lay out the pattern pieces and cut them out
4. Sew in darts
5. Sew up side seams and shoulder seams

At this point I made a fake placket with fabric I had left over from the pillowcase. It's not necessary though, I think this top would still have looked good without it. Also I just love wooden buttons and I'll take any excuse to sew them onto things. And considering I bought 400 buttons once it's nice to actually use them on something.

I decided to finish the edges off with bias binding made from the second pillowcase although the cotton is a bit heavy and thick so it could work out better with a facing.

I had a moment when I first tried it on where I realised that there just wasn't going to be enough fabric to go right the way around my hips. I had suspected as much when cutting it out. So I cut out these long skinny triangles and sewed them into the side seams for a bit of extra room.

All that was left was to hem it and handsew the buttons on. Now I've got a vibrant, graphic top that I can layer through spring and wear alone in summer.


  1. Great bias edge and I love your buttons, too. Nicely done!

  2. it looks great. you'd never know it used to be a pillowcase in a former life.

  3. I love this, just gorgeous. But 400 buttons??? All at once?

  4. Well done-love the colours and it looks like a really cool top.

  5. I love this top! Great of pillowcases or remnants. I can see why you wanted to put these buttons on. They are so cute!

  6. This is so cute! I might have to make myself one since it's unusually warm here in Sydney (and today is the last day of winter!!).

  7. This is great! Would love to wear that with a darker wash skinny jean and ballet flats, or wedges. Looks cute AND professional!

  8. A great idea. It would never have occurred to me to use a pillowcase as yardage. Perfect for a Sorbetto or the one you made. Your top is so cute.