Saturday, October 13, 2012

Leather Bow Necklace

So I was wandering around Pinterest again when I saw this great pin on making cute little bows. I'm not one for wearing bows in my hair but I have been wanting some pendants for necklaces lately and thought this might do the trick.

Since the pin itself didn't actually lead back to a website where I could follow a tutorial or see a guide for making the shape myself I set about drawing something close myself.

This seemed to be the right shape and size for what I wanted so I used paperclips to set it in place on the leather and cut around the pattern. I handsewed each of the pieces together as I went so it would be secure.

Then I sewed on some little silver loops on the back to hang it from.

And there you have it a leather bow necklace!


  1. This is so cute! I love the mix of hard and soft

  2. Ah so cute! Leather AND bows - perfect

  3. How cute! You should sell these!

  4. It's like a bow tie, but awesome and femme! I like it.

  5. Cute. Would love to see it on you to get a sense of what it looks like styled.

  6. Lovely, I love the red one, where did you get the leather from?

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