Sunday, October 14, 2012

Black & White Striped Peplum Top

I made another Peplum Top! This time I made it from Ponte Knit in a wide black and white stripe. I wanted a peplum top that could be dressed up a little more and this is perfect for black skinny jeans and a jacket for spring.

I followed the same pattern I made from my tutorial on making a peplum top. The only change I made was to add in a pleat in the sleeve. It looked pretty nifty on the flat pattern piece but it's not very noticable once sewn up and worn but I don't mind. It's a little added interest.

Also I concentrated really hard and managed to get some awesome stripe matching action happening on both the bodice and the peplum. Check it.

I paired it up with my Red Leather Bow Necklace to wear out and I loved them together.

Also apologies for the blurriness in these photos we were fighting against some twilight light and losing quickly. I couldn't help but use them though because there are just so many beautiful little painted laneways in Newtown.

So there you have it. Another success from my Shopping for fabric with a list challenge.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Leather Bow Necklace

So I was wandering around Pinterest again when I saw this great pin on making cute little bows. I'm not one for wearing bows in my hair but I have been wanting some pendants for necklaces lately and thought this might do the trick.

Since the pin itself didn't actually lead back to a website where I could follow a tutorial or see a guide for making the shape myself I set about drawing something close myself.

This seemed to be the right shape and size for what I wanted so I used paperclips to set it in place on the leather and cut around the pattern. I handsewed each of the pieces together as I went so it would be secure.

Then I sewed on some little silver loops on the back to hang it from.

And there you have it a leather bow necklace!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Nerdy Sewing Humour

Yesterday I McCalled into the Doctor’s Office. We got chatting and he asked if I was a material girl. I tried to downplay it, unpicking myself from my obsession, but he saw straight stitch through me. 

He diagnosed me as a Sewaholic. 

At first I thought it was all a yoke. I told him that it was in Vogue. He seemed to think that it wasn’t that Simplicity. I zig-zagged around the topic with ease but I could see him measuring me up. He told me not to waist his time denying and I almost went to sleeve. He insisted that it was worse than it seamed. His brow furrowed. He asked me why I was so pinked and I told him that was just the collar of my facing. I was pretty cut that he was taking this so hard. His eyes darted around the room. Then he spoke, “If you’re one of those people with constant pins and needles then there’s nothing else for you”. 

He opened a case and pressed a button. A whirring, mechanical sound emanated from his office and suddenly I was pinned down. 

He’d gotten the FBA involved. 

They told me that denial wouldn’t help, that I should just admit it but that wasn’t my Burdastyle, I had to put my foot down. I draped myself on the floor pleating for them to let me go. I didn’t want to be overlocked up! 

They were trying to calm me, Butterick me up but I knew I was hemmed in. I couldn’t placket anymore. My whole fabric stash flashed before my eyes and that’s when I knew. With my whole consciousness hanging by a thread I saw the pattern. 

I really did have a problem.