Saturday, March 9, 2013

A tour of our abode

Hello friends! I was without the internet for nearly 4 months and going quietly insane but we finally got hooked up a couple of days ago. In fact I walked in the front door after work on Wednesday and Fiance handed me my laptop preloaded to Pinterest. He's a keeper.

As promised I'm putting up a bunch of pics of our humble little abode. Some are from the days after moving in, others are taken on the day of our engagement party but you'll get the picture. So above is the outside and the front lounge room complete with open fire place.

This is the dining and kitchen (a little blurry sorry!) complete with chalkboard wall!

Now for the most important room of the house - the sewing room! Complete with a gorgeous view of our bush backyard!

This is the backyard. The previous owners left that swing seat which I love so I'm sure you'll see a post on here where I make a nice cushion for it.

Here's the yard from halfway down and then right down the back. It backs onto a reserve so all you see is bush which is so nice. Ocassionally I sit out on that bench just to hear the bellbirds, kookaburras and the occasional owl.

And finally this is how we dressed up our yard for our engagement party. You may be able to make out the massive amounts of fairy lights strung through the trees as well as all 130 tea light candles that lit up the pathways as it got dark.

We're in the process of setting up a Home DIY Blog to follow our adventures of doing this place up so if you're interested in that kind of thing stay tuned!

And thanks for visiting my house!


  1. A gorgeous piece of Aussie bushland! Thanks for sharing. My cousins live up your way, one at Leura and the other at Little Hartley - they just love it up there!!!

  2. Thanks! Yeah I adore the Blue Mountains. I can't wait to get stuck into this place and make it our perfect little retreat as well as our perfect home.

  3. Lovely!! Especially the white canopies hiding in the bush :)

    1. Yeah I loved that marquee in our backyard. We'll be getting married in that backyard so I can't wait to dress it to the nines for our dream wedding!