Sunday, August 16, 2015

Sewaholic Shirt Dress - Oakridge + Hollyburn + Cambie

I'm a Sewaholic girl. You probably know that by now and don't need me to tell you. So when I decided to make myself a shirt dress it seemed perfectly normal to me not to buy a new pattern but to mash up some patterns I already knew fitted and suited me well. 

This Shirt Dress is a mashup of Sewholic's Oakridge Shirt which I made here and the Sewaholic Hollyburn skirt which I made here and here. I also added in the waistband from the Sewaholic Cambie which I made here and here. I know these patterns well. They fit me, they suit me and I wear them a lot. So it just made sense to put them together to make a dress out of them.

I cut the Oakridge down to my natural waist and pinned the Cambie waistband to it. It showed me that the top part was going to be quite blousey rather than fitted. I ended up liking the slightly looser feel of the top and cut a longer Cambie waistband so it would accommodate the little bit of ease. Once I was happy with the fit I sewed the Oakridge pieces together as per the instructions, sewed the Hollyburn pieces together as per the instructions then sewed the Oakridge and the Hollyburn to the Cambie waistband. The pieces were obviously not perfectly aligned since they weren't designed to go together but I'd cut a longer waistband so it was easy to sew it together and just use the fabric I actually needed. 

While I was cutting all my pieces out I measured from my collarbone down to my knee to make sure I was cutting a placket piece long enough. I remember adding a little extra length on again just in case. It was a simple matter of laying the placket piece on the fabric and extending the piece down to the measurement I'd taken. 

I sewed the placket up as normal, sewed on the collar/bow piece and it all came together really smoothly.

I made it from a plum/purple coloured polka dot chambray I bought from a while ago. I've always loved the look of other people's chambray clothes and decided I needed to try it myself. It's lovely to sew with and just as lovely to wear. I think there'll be a lot more of it in my wardrobe before too long.

Everything went well on this make except of course for my sewing machine. Which was having serious issues with holding tension at the time. I once spent 2 hours trying to fix the tension and nothing I did could fix it. I took it in for a service which, instead of taking 7-10 days like they quoted, took 4 WEEKS. Once I got the machine back it was sewing much more nicely but they hadn't bothered to fix the tension properly which I had to fix myself. Luckily the machine was behaving enough for me to be able to do that. Ugh never going there again.

All that I was left with was sewing 12 buttonholes to get this girl finished. Thankfully my machine didn't eat the dress after all that and I managed to hand sew 11 buttons onto the dress. The 12th button  which was intended as the last button at the bottom of the placket went MIA so if anyone finds it let me know, k?

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