Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Me Made May 2016 recap with handy dandy infographic and collage!

For those of you who don't follow me on instagram - surprise! I pledged to be a part of Me Made May this year for the first time ever. Every other year I've had to wear uniform so it was nice to finally get involved. I wear me-mades most of the time and while I know there are gaps in my handmade wardrobe I wasn't sure exactly where they were. This was a fun way of finding out.

Because I'm that kind of gal I've created a handy dandy infographic to fill you in on all the fun. Plus I'm throwing in a bonus collage of my instagram selfies AND a dot point list of my discoveries. What a post. Much excitement.

Note: I made this infographic last night so it only chronicles 30 out of 31 days but you get the picture.

So the infographic compiles the most noteworthy data on it. The only bit I forgot to put in was the most amount of me-mades worn on the one day - 7!

As promised here's the collage of my selfies. Confession: I'm absolutely terrible at selfies and I'm not entirely sure how to take a selfie of myself in a mirror without the phone being directly in front of my face. This is the reason you only get one face-on selfie below. It was a bit of yoga for the mind to get that picture lined up, and in the work bathrooms no less. Top tip - the internet has heaps of articles and videos on how to take a good outfit selfie. Turns out if you google this on day 2 of the challenge you can calm your worried mind about how you're going to survive the whole month. Ask me how I know.

So the whole point of Me Made May was to discover how my handmade wardrobe functions in my everyday life. Here are some things I discovered:

  • I thought I wore a lot more clothes in the one month. I'm surprised that I rotated the same 30 items throughout the month. Especially seeing as I was generally wearing about 3 handmade items a day.
  • I wear a lot of black and blue. I'm like a fashionable bruise.
  • I wear my grey Jenna Cardi far more often than I ever thought. I should definitely make another one to give it a rest.
  • I wear more separates than dresses. I thought it was the other way around.
  • I thought my biggest wardrobe gaps were pants and jackets because I've never sewn them before. What I'm actually really lacking is clothes to wear around the house.
  • I used to think that my favourite items I've ever sewn were some of my dresses. I used to think they expressed something about me I couldn't explain in words. Turns out it's my Leather Handbag that's far and above my top worn and loved item I've ever sewn. Closely followed by my handmade shoes. This tells me that leatherwork is something really important for my future.
And there you have it folks my Me Made May all wrapped up in one fun and informative post!

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