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This blog began it’s life in 2010 when I finally faced my dream of wanting to sew all my clothes. I say faced my dream because really it was my fear. I was Scared Stitchless for about 4 years prior. I had a sewing machine and patterns and fabric and an insurmountable fear of failing if I dared try. But try I did.

I failed a lot in the beginning and that failure came in many guises. Sometimes it came in the form of a garment that was terribly sewn because I didn’t have the skills to execute it. Sometimes it came in the guise of making an awesome pattern with a truly horrendously chosen fabric. Sometimes it came in the guise of making myself something that looked awesome on other people but not me.

But I needed to fail. I needed to fail way more than I needed to succeed.

Only through ongoing failures was I able to carve out an idea of what I wanted to make for myself. I needed to develop my sewing skills alongside my curation skills.

Nowadays I’ve narrowed in on what it is I want to make and wear. I’ve honed my sewing skills and fitting skills to the point where I can make just about anything.

But it turns out that wasn’t enough.

Just as I was really getting a handle on my sewing skills and curation I had another dream surface. Shoemaking.

This time I didn’t wallow in the fear. I embraced it and set about failing as much as I could. In attempting to teach myself, failure came in the form of many guises as well. Attempting to work with a kit only after I had tried to modify a shoe last I knew nothing about. Attempting to work from a book when I had no idea how to make a shoe really feel like a shoe - rather than a glorified slipper. You name it I tried and failed and it was SO much fun!

There’s something peculiar about blogging through a learning process like sewing and shoemaking. It forces you to keep it real. In blogging your makes you’re reflecting on your processes in a way that wouldn’t happen if you just wore your clothes quietly without sharing it with the world - how boring would that be!

The act of sharing becomes about telling other people about your makes as much as telling yourself about your makes.

So here I am sharing my incremental failures with myself with everyone watching. One day they’ll morph into accomplishments. Or maybe they already have. Whatever the case I hope you enjoy the journey as much as me.

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Fail again. Fail better. - Samuel Beckett


  1. Hi there! I wish I had your willpower to only buy fabric when there's a pattern to go with it. I love Op-Shopping, and usually come home with a remnant (of a decent size) because I like the way it feels, moves or looks. I have two bookshelves full of boxed fabrics of various types, and two garbage bags full on the floor because there's no more room! I do LOVE to sew, though. It's my ZEN. If I get cranky, Hubby tells me to go sew something! I've been sewing since I learned it at secondary school ( just over half my life ago now!), and about three years ago I started up my own hobby business of sewing for people in the community. Now I'm almost too busy to sew my own projects, but I still love it!
    I didn't get to sew my own wedding dress, I happened to see a dress in a window I was passing and it kept talking to me until I tried it on a fortnight later. I did make the bridesmaids' dresses though, in a pastel rainbow (one was in 'Butter", another in pale pink, in duck-egg blue, in pale lilac and a flower girl in white) to match the style of my dress ( which was a 'baby doll' style with the waist under the boobs). I sewed a wedding gown and two bridesmaids' dresses, where the bridesmaids were dazzling in voluptuous ivory and gold lacy ruffles and the bride was in an elegantly simple, plain off-white-grey gown. I suppose what I'm trying to say is that you don't have to give up on any 'element' that you like, just spread it over the bridal party! Dare to be different! Dare to be you! It's your wedding after all!
    By the way, I love your site!
    Kind regards
    Lyn Hannan

    1. Thanks for sharing Lyn! I've taken a bit of time away from the dress now to really think about what I want and I know that trying to do too much on the dress is just a compromise for me. I want something plain and simple and it doesn't have to look like it fell off a pinterest board. I'll be all the happier in something that's very "me".
      I love that your sewing for your community - I'd love to get my sewing to a point where I could easily sew for others!

  2. Thank you because you have been willing to share information with us. All that is written here, because you care about us.

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